The Exit 4 Podcast is a weekly audio show dedicated to the slightly askew thoughts and opinions of two children of the '80s who grew up in the shadow of Philadelphia off of Exit 4 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Join long-time friends John and Wayne every Saturday as they share their lives with unabashed honesty while discussing pop culture, music, movies and current events. Each week they compile their "Top 5" Favorite/Least Favorite things and reveal their Guilty Pleasures, often with embarrassingly funny results. If you’re looking for some laughs, make sure you get off at Exit 4.






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The boys have worked through the tension and return for the 20th installment of the Exit 4 Podcast. Acknowledging and moving on from the dust up in Episode 19 is the first order of business, and then it's back to work. John has a run in with a stalker fan, gets angry about a pager and Wayne just stops giving a bleep! The boys receive another 5 Star review and it's John's turn to ask WTF?

Show Notes - Episode 20

  • And we're back
  • Papa paparazzi
  • Making the reviews rain
  • F the pager
  • WTF
  • Top 5 Songs of the 1980s
  • Guilty Pleasures


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After a long and not-so-good week at the office, Wayne undergoes a transformation at work. Unfortunately, that carries over to the Exit 4 Podcast and John and Wayne have an on-air squabble, complete with a very uncomfortable ending in which John begs for help. It's all captured here for you listening pleasure. In the meantime, there are plenty of laughs as we discuss some of the WORST pickup lines in history, John engages in some movie watching observation, and Wayne asks WTF?

Is this the end of Exit 4? Will our heroes make up? Will the show go on?

Tune in next time... Same Exit 4 time. Same Exit 4 place.

Episode 19 – I C U B Texin

  • Wayne becomes "THAT" guy
  • The Return of Queen Capstone
  • Laundry woes
  • Movie theater stalking
  • Cyrano De Big Mac
  • WTF?
  • Top 5 Favorite Sports Movies
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Uncomfortable Exit
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On this week's Top5, John and Wayne countdown their Top Musical Acts of the '90s. Along the way, John recounts an angry outburst at work (one week after saying how professional he always is). Wayne's husband may have found a new husband. John and Wayne plan their escape in a white Ford Bronco up the New Jersey Turnpike. And John recounts a story that is just simply... nuts.

Show Notes - Episode 18

  • Wayne's husband finds a new husband
  • John's extra testicular activity
  • John Hulks out at work
  • WTF?
  • Top 5 Musical Acts of the '90s
  • Guilty Pleasures
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John and I return to our roots on this episode of the Exit 4 Podcast. Our friendship was born over a love of hockey and Philadelphia sports. And through our 14 years as friends, sports have played a major role in our bonding. John and I collaborated on, a website that I founded and he also contributed to another sports related website that I co-founded. So we decided to get back to our roots on this episode. Not a sports fan? Don't worry, there's plenty of the normal nonsense on this episode too, including a very special poetry reading and tribute.

Show Notes - Episode 17

  • Recovery room gems
  • Shout outs
  • High strung Wayne
  • John's poetry reading
  • WTF
  • Top 5 Favorite Philly Athletes
  • Guilty Pleasures
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